Take time for yourself.

   As a writer with a busy schedule( work, family, writing and some gaming from time to time) i undeerstand the importance of trying to see to everyones needs and then find some for me. I suppose a working writer is like a mother, you have created someone (or in this case a MS) and you have to take care of the new one, do your normal daily chores and then try and find time for yourself so you don’t go completely mad. (To all mothers out there my comparison is only a slight one, what you do is awesome and you have my respect).

    We write when we can and sometimes that is hard, you have time off and your brain is saying “Na, not to day,” so you move on to something else and you have lossed a days writing. A novel takes one-hundred and fifty percent commitment, some may argue its a million to which both would be right.   Time for yourself recharges the batteries and gives you a fresh prespective on things, in the Army you are taught if you go into some where were the light is not so good after you have been in the light, stop for a moment and close your eyes for ten seconds. When you open them up again your vision is adjusted to the settings.

    So it is with life stop, take a moment and everything becomes a little bit clearer.



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