A happy reader makes all the difference.

      Today at work i gave a colleague a quick taster of my first book. After a couple of hours i returned from doing “Work things” to find her completely drawn in. “So how is it?” I asked expecting a “Its okay” or something of that nature. To my joyful suprise she turned and faced me, a wide beaming smile upon her face was for all i needed.

       Now a lot of writers do it for money (and why the hell not!) and others do it for the fans. But what ever the reason there is nothing better than the look of joy on a readers face. We try to stir emotion in the reader,fear, passion or the need to see to the end of the book to see if the good guy wins.

       But does a happy reader make all of difference? well if your thinking “Not really or doesn’t matter” Then your in the wrong business, of course it matters,  thats like a cheif saying it doesn’t matter if the food stinks. Apart from ourselves we must be true to the reader, after all if no one reads your books who are you writting for.  

                                                              happy reader


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