Oh the pain of it all.

     This morning as i rose from my bed and was greeted by a fresh cup of coffee ( which i had to make so don’t get jealous) i picked up my mobile phone (cell) to check the post i had missed in my slumber. Scrolling through one stuck out, it was from an acent and i froze. Could it finally be, after so many soul destroying rejections could this be the one!!!!!

    Saddly NO, it was just another to inform me that “It was not there thing” (or words to that effect). So after sending the  usual reply ( a standard one for myself) thanking them and saying how sorry i was we could not work together, i got to thinking how many great stories are thrown to the way side (including mine of course).

    Now do not get me wrong the agents have a job i do not envy ( and yes that was sucking up), but what can we do as new authors to ensure we are found. Most  agencies ask for a your history, is in what have you done or sold before so they know your’e not dead money. But what if you have none?

     Saddly in this age of self publishing it seems that the more rejections people get the more enclinded they are to say “Ok, not going anyware with trad, i will do it myself.” Which in one way is not giving up it is finding another door. Trad- publishing is now an exclusive club and this is because of self publishing. The market is in a state of flux with the compatition of paper over electronic. Bookstores over the internet.

     Will i continue to send out queries? yes because trad is my dream, but that said i may go self just so i can say “Yes i have had something published,” If you have a dream stick with it, but on ther other hand don’t sit by and watch your dreams fade away  because that is the worst rejection you will ever get.                


5 thoughts on “Oh the pain of it all.

  1. Traditional publishing has always been an exclusive club that is hard to get in the door. This didn’t just come about as a result of self-publishing. Actually it’s what made self-publishing come about since that makes it easier to publish. There’s no traditional publishing house barring the gates to the castle. I’m sorry you got another rejection and I think it’s admirable if you keep trying with trad publishing since some people do have success, but there’s no shame if you decide to go the self-pub route.

    • Oh i agree and i hope my point didn’t come across to negative, people must find their way and live their dream. Most writers do it for the money and others because its something they feel they need to do. Yes i was rejected boohoo to me but as i pointed out just because that door is slightly closed don’t give up if it truly is your dream. We only fail if we stop trying. I wish all new authors the best of luck.

      • Nah, it wasn’t negative at all. And I don’t think anyone should give up on their dream. I do think though that if you go to self-publishing it’s not giving up. The dream in general is usually to get published, right? You can do that with self-pub too. I hope that you get picked up by a trad publisher if your dream is specifically for that type of publishing though. ^_^ I’m the type that just writes and have no aim to publish, but I just want to share my writing with people.

  2. At present i write for the small group who have read my first book (unpublished) and liked it so much they asked for more. I write for me ( because i love these stories) and the people who wish to read them. If i can do this world wide then awesome, if not i am quite happy…..money would be nice as well.lol.

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