The pain of fame.

Since media went completely without ethics and some mad Italian stalker created the paparazzi, no public figure has lived with the fear of something ending up on the front page. True they wanted fame and having your face out there is part of it, but when did stealing delicate and intimate photographs become part of the deal.

Years ago there was a repore between the press and the famous, a line which was never crossed. However it appears that is no longer and anyone is game, the late Lady Diana was stalked to death but the French press who did nothing to help her because those pictues were more important.

I feel for those people who are now suffering because of bad press, Ms. Jennifer Lawrence and may others like her. admitadly writers and most others need the press and there are good press out there, but there are those who sculk in the shadows giving the honest ones a bad name.

Followed and the followers

Oh how we long to see our says on Twitter, did we gain or loose followers. It is a drug that drives us, how popular are we. On looking we see we have lost several people but never know who. Is it something we have said or have not. At the end it is a game that must be played especially if you are an author trying to get out there. Simple answer….keep smiling and Tweeting.

Knives and candles at the ready…

As the nights draw in and the wind starts to get colder one thing is certain…winter is coming.

But before you start to grab your sledges from garages or where ever they have been stowed let us not forget one special day and the point(Yes there is a point) to this blog. Halloween ( or all hallows eve) has been ….well, Celebrated since the early times as a celtic harvest festival, or festival of the dead. This has been turned into what we all know now as an excuse to dress up in costumes and terrorise people in their homes for goodies. Fun hu.

Any way the biggest, most popular icon related the season of witches is the pumpkin or Jack-o-lantern. This ghoulish facial figure has be carved from anything from the normal eyes and sharp teeth to the well, creative.pumkin1            pumkin4  pumkin3      pumkin2

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Happy Halloween everyone……….next month.

Win a million pounds…

Oh good I have your attention. Writing isn’t just about slaving away over a keyboard until your masterpiece is done. It’s about advertising yourself and not just your work of art. We have to put ourselves out there so please can put a face to a name or just know your name. The world of words is vast and readers have plenty to chose from, so you have to stand out. Some are lucky like J K Rowling. But was it luck? It is said an author spends 10% writing and 90% getting noticed and I can well believe it. People like the familiar, the face of name that rings a bell. We have to become that name in order to get our books off the shelves and into the homes.

Scotland Stays

After a long battle the vote finally came back, Scotland stays part of the UK. But we have to think will Westminster take a different, more serious look at our neighbours. Our beloved leaders must take a different look at Scotland before there is another vote, my feel is that the next outcome will be a lot different.

Oh what a day.

As the gentle sound of my wife rising filled my ears i knew then another day had dawned. Today is my weekend, saturdays and sundays mean little to me anymore, my weekends are the days i have off. I get up and we share our good mornings, the sun has not yet peared over the horizon only a blue/ grey discolouration in the darkned sky.

Days before i had set my routeen which is simple enough, get up early and have breakfast whilst watching my favourite cop series. after taking a shower i would then set my self to task on my computer, the aim, to write as many pages as possible before my body cried out for more coffee.

We all have agenders, thinks we put off until we have that special time.However for a writer really there is NO special time it is when ever something pops in we have to be ready. Today was productive but not too well in the writting part(to which i am about to remady). set your goals and make sure you do them or you will be thinking “Oh i wish i had” and the chances are you will wish you had.

comp sleep

Light at the end of the tunnel

yesterday i received my 145 rejection. Another agent wishing me well on my quest to put my book out there. At first it was “Ok it’s part of the business” but then it became dark thoughts. “What’s wrong, why won’t anyone take my MS.” Doubt had set in. But as i spoke to people who had read my MS and gave it nothing but good reviews the more i came to think that in this business you have to really, really stand out. Which is great, or you can take the other road and do it yourself. Now don’t get me wrong i want to go Trad. But to stand out you need to be able to sell yourself. If all goes well my book “Rise of the Phoenix” will be out sometime next month, bit what ever happens i know i cam say i am a published author.

The weekend is here…

The sun has risen and illuminated another day, another weekend has begun. Someone will work, some will simply lounge around recharging their batteries. But some will be writing, tickling the keyboard and producing a masterpiece worthy of a place next to the greats. Whatever you do, be safe, have fun and enjoy.

Lost without tech.

A couple of weeks ago i proudly bought myself a new cell phone (or handy), i drewled as i opened the box and stared as the light caught on it’s glass that shone with newness.

To my dismay i found it took the nano sim so hurriedly went to my local ^%&&^& shop and ordered a nano sim. Days passed and there it was, my new sim card for my new phone.

Switched on, lights flickered and it was alive. proud as punch i went off to work the next day only to find out there was something wrong, i had no internet, nothing. After trying to figure it out i finally gave up hope and sort council.

This unfortunatly did’nt help either. So four days with a state of the art piece of glass and metal and nothing to show for it appart from a sour throat from all the shouting.

“To the point” i hear you ask, well the point or rather concern is…are we so caught up on or gadgets and phones that we can no longer function?

As a new writer i have to blog, tweet and FB, pretty anything to get out there, so to suddenly have nothing, no means of speaking to the world suddenly became a HORROR.

This however got me thinking, everywhere someone is on some sort of device. It is an addiction, we want to know stuff. Unfortunatly the stuff most of us want to hear about is……well lets face it ,crap.

We have become a people who needs technology and there is no way of getting around it. So while i wait for the next expert to come along i am stuck with tweeting only where there is WIFI or blogging at home.

Can we amagine a world with out toys…….