“Where do you get your ideas?”

As the writer walks down the street they are suddenly spotted and recognised. “Oh, arn’t you?” The autor freezes, they can feel the cold of the icecream tub at the bottom of the paper shopping bag starting to moisten the bag. They smile at the fan or is it grimace. “Oh i am such a fan, where do you get your ideas?”

This is what all new writers long for and all veteran authors dred but the answer can not easily be explained, wheter you or new or Veteran. Inspiration for us can be something as simple as a conversation over heard or as complex as something that has happened in history or on the headlines. Where ever it comes from it is instantaneous, like a flash flood.

Where indeed do our ideas come from? a simple question that could stump the greatest of us if we really had to think about it, for an author to just shrug and tell the doupting fan “Don’t know, just popped in while i was on the toilet, ” could some what shatter any illusion the fan has. We are not Gods but we have a roll to play.

“Where do you get your ideas from?”In other words tell me a story that’s just for me.                                              .images

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