What makes a good book?

        Now as a writer of Mystery my first concern is what is good for the reader. It is no good writing a Mystery novel if there is no ..well mystery, the reader has to be drawn in thinking he knows who has done it then throw some curve balls in for good measure. 

         A good book must have everything that poticular reader wants from that book including a little bit of the writers sole which he or she has poured into it. Now this states the obvious i know, but how many of us have bought a book after reading the back and it has very little to do with what we were expecting.

       There is nothing better than to sit down and be drawn into which ever world your pages are taking you, and that’s one of the main ingrediance in writing, the power to consume the reader and carry them of to which ever place they desire. To some it must flow and have rich content where others prefer deep and heavy (for all the Azimov lovers out there).

       When we write, we write for the pleasure of the reader ( obviously) but most of all for ourselves, we write the kind of books we would like to read. However the best ingredient that we cannot provide is the readers imagination, without that they are merely words on a page.joy-of-books-1

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