The perfect writing place.

We each have a favorite place that stirs the imagination. A comfortable room or coffee shop that helps us as we write, or do we? Inspiration can be sparked by the slightest thing but also taken away just as quickly. This is why most of us seek a solitary place where we can just ” Be.” Admittedly I am sat in a hotel on holiday trying to push out book three of my series, but it is filled with distraction because of the different wonderful people here. The smells, the conversations is a writers gold mine but is also a massive distraction. So what is the answer, never leave your homes until the work is done? My answer is simply that we are all different and each finds their way, like some prefer silence while others enjoy music. If you are going to write about a place my advice is to go there. Live it breath it, experience it, then lock yourself in your room until it is done.

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