Self-Employed and Working from Home

Hi Julia, unfortunately I have a job as well as writing when I can so my writing hours suck. I carry a notebook with me all the time and jot down stuff ready to get typed up when I can. But I prefer peace and quiet, the view doesn’t matter. If I am stuck I go to a coffee shop and just watch people in their day to day for a imagination recharge.


It can be great, but do you have a good boss??

Working on for yourself and from home is the biggest test of your self-motivation, isn’t it?  Not to mention self-discipline!  You know – I’ll just have one more cup of coffee and watch the episode of Game of Thrones I missed last night, and then I really should go on Facebook, just to catch up with everyone and look at my writers’ groups

Most important, I think, is being a good boss – in other words, be good to yourself!  Writers, proofreaders and editors all know what it’s like to be the point where the buck stops – but have you, as a boss given yourself, as an employee, a good job description?

I think I’m a good boss, I’ve created a nice work environment!  I live by the sea, and do proofreading work for authors from all…

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