“Where do you get your ideas?”

As the writer walks down the street they are suddenly spotted and recognised. “Oh, arn’t you?” The autor freezes, they can feel the cold of the icecream tub at the bottom of the paper shopping bag starting to moisten the bag. They smile at the fan or is it grimace. “Oh i am such a fan, where do you get your ideas?”

This is what all new writers long for and all veteran authors dred but the answer can not easily be explained, wheter you or new or Veteran. Inspiration for us can be something as simple as a conversation over heard or as complex as something that has happened in history or on the headlines. Where ever it comes from it is instantaneous, like a flash flood.

Where indeed do our ideas come from? a simple question that could stump the greatest of us if we really had to think about it, for an author to just shrug and tell the doupting fan “Don’t know, just popped in while i was on the toilet, ” could some what shatter any illusion the fan has. We are not Gods but we have a roll to play.

“Where do you get your ideas from?”In other words tell me a story that’s just for me.                                              .images

What makes a good book?

        Now as a writer of Mystery my first concern is what is good for the reader. It is no good writing a Mystery novel if there is no ..well mystery, the reader has to be drawn in thinking he knows who has done it then throw some curve balls in for good measure. 

         A good book must have everything that poticular reader wants from that book including a little bit of the writers sole which he or she has poured into it. Now this states the obvious i know, but how many of us have bought a book after reading the back and it has very little to do with what we were expecting.

       There is nothing better than to sit down and be drawn into which ever world your pages are taking you, and that’s one of the main ingrediance in writing, the power to consume the reader and carry them of to which ever place they desire. To some it must flow and have rich content where others prefer deep and heavy (for all the Azimov lovers out there).

       When we write, we write for the pleasure of the reader ( obviously) but most of all for ourselves, we write the kind of books we would like to read. However the best ingredient that we cannot provide is the readers imagination, without that they are merely words on a page.joy-of-books-1

A fond Adieu to Sir Dickie.

My heart grows heavy with the news of another great person leaving us. I could have said movie great but to so many he was so much more than just films. His smile on and off screen will be missed but never forgotten.

Our thoughts and prayers go to his family. Always missed never forgotten.

Sir Richard Attenborough passes away at the age of 90.

Read a good book lately?

Now as writers, Authors or just people who scribbles stuff down we have to read. Apparently. But what is a good book ? Each of us have our own opinion and that’s ok, if we all thought the same life would be quiet boring. However a good read for most of us has to grip you in the page, if not the first sentence. It has to have some sort of action, I don’t mean explosions and gun fire but motion in the pages. Erotic and love stories have their own action and excitement. James Patterson and j.k. Rowling are good at this it different ways but come to the same conclusion when it comes to gripping the reader. We need to read more especially kids, books stimulate the imagination and that can be better than sat in front of a console or the TV.

Is the bad guy really the bad guy?

The other day as I sat trying to create my next bad guy, I stopped and thought about all those Grimm stories. If you think about it who was the bad guy? Hansel and Gretel; old woman murdered in her home after kids try and eat her home! Jack and the bean stork! Giant( may have been friendly) killed after some lad steals his golden goose, and don’t get me started on Goldie locks. My point is have we been rooting for the wrongs people? It all comes down too perspective, we cheat for the lad because the giant is automatically classed as the bad guy. So next time you look at a fairy tale just think of the poor monster who was minding his own business.

The perfect writing place.

We each have a favorite place that stirs the imagination. A comfortable room or coffee shop that helps us as we write, or do we? Inspiration can be sparked by the slightest thing but also taken away just as quickly. This is why most of us seek a solitary place where we can just ” Be.” Admittedly I am sat in a hotel on holiday trying to push out book three of my series, but it is filled with distraction because of the different wonderful people here. The smells, the conversations is a writers gold mine but is also a massive distraction. So what is the answer, never leave your homes until the work is done? My answer is simply that we are all different and each finds their way, like some prefer silence while others enjoy music. If you are going to write about a place my advice is to go there. Live it breath it, experience it, then lock yourself in your room until it is done.

Self-Employed and Working from Home

Hi Julia, unfortunately I have a job as well as writing when I can so my writing hours suck. I carry a notebook with me all the time and jot down stuff ready to get typed up when I can. But I prefer peace and quiet, the view doesn’t matter. If I am stuck I go to a coffee shop and just watch people in their day to day for a imagination recharge.


It can be great, but do you have a good boss??

Working on for yourself and from home is the biggest test of your self-motivation, isn’t it?  Not to mention self-discipline!  You know – I’ll just have one more cup of coffee and watch the episode of Game of Thrones I missed last night, and then I really should go on Facebook, just to catch up with everyone and look at my writers’ groups

Most important, I think, is being a good boss – in other words, be good to yourself!  Writers, proofreaders and editors all know what it’s like to be the point where the buck stops – but have you, as a boss given yourself, as an employee, a good job description?

I think I’m a good boss, I’ve created a nice work environment!  I live by the sea, and do proofreading work for authors from all…

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