Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Greetings to one and all. whilst flicking through meany sights i came to see a pattern emerging. First off just so you all know i am one of the meany, meany people out there who are looking to get on to the book shelves. at the moment there are two groups the Agency people and the selfies, the problem that most of us have is (lets face it) we know nothing because we have never been alowed to play in that pond. “Which way to go?” is the cry and it is a hard question, neither road is easy and self publishing is fast, easy but if you dont have the time to put into advertising then your going to fall in to bad times and lose faith. With the way of the agency, well thats a waiting game that still may never get you there, but the returns appear to be better in the long run. is there a simple answer, personal , no. At the end of the day it brakes down to what you want from your book. personnaly i want to go agency, the right choice? who knows but i feel it is right for me. So to all those in despare, follow your hearts , if you can wait , or you feel the time is right and an oppertunaty knocks, go for it, but remember one thing, you have made it this far and that is more than most people can say. Good luck.

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