Aliens of the deep

I have just watched a brilliant video from a TED conference, this was to highlight the descovery of a monster squid, or KRACKEN. as i watched i could not help but be in awe of this agnifisant creature, something so wonderful yet terrifying lives on our planet and probably has done so for hundreds of years. Then the feeling of sadness as i came to realise that at some point someone will want to catch the beast for no prepose but to say “OOH look at me, look what i got.” There have been and are some fantastic things on this world and all we want to do is bottle them up and wipe them out. Itsnt it better to show our children live things, than pictures or stuffed things because we have wiped them out. We swim in the ocean, someone gets attacked by a shark, instantly its the sharks fault! We have to remember when ever we go to somewhere that is not our home turf we or in somethings back yard. Respect nature, admire from afar and not through the scope of a high powered rifle. Once its gone its gone.

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