I have to say that I respect all those agents out there and wouldn’t want to do their job in a million years, however when it comes to the rejection letter they have to realize that to see a email that is standard typed throughout doesn’t tell us anything. We send off say ten queries, each sends back a “sorry that’s not for us but there will be someone who will” speech. From this web learn nothing, what was wrong with it, what worked and what didn’t? I have a group of people at work who have read my work and not to be big headed but they ask me when the next one comes out, that is my motivation. I know people enjoy my work, so it is confusing when agents don’t. Now if the problem was the query why not say! 4-8 weeks is a long time to see the same email and for some that is a long time to ponder “why should I continue? “.




I love getting post.  I love getting signed contracts, proof copies, invitations to parties… and I love receiving unsolicited submissions, because there is always the possibility that one of them is going to change the course of my career (and the author’s, obviously!)

I don’t think I’m alone amongst Literary Agents when I say that the working day starts the moment I wake up and check my phone for overnight emails from abroad, or early risers, or night owls – and there are always several.  I’m certainly not alone when I say that the working day ends when I turn off my bedside light.  

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I absolutely love my job, but there is never enough time.  I would love to be able to hold down a full time job, and read four or more novels a night, but sadly that is not possible.  I have a…

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