Aliens of the deep

I have just watched a brilliant video from a TED conference, this was to highlight the descovery of a monster squid, or KRACKEN. as i watched i could not help but be in awe of this agnifisant creature, something so wonderful yet terrifying lives on our planet and probably has done so for hundreds of years. Then the feeling of sadness as i came to realise that at some point someone will want to catch the beast for no prepose but to say “OOH look at me, look what i got.” There have been and are some fantastic things on this world and all we want to do is bottle them up and wipe them out. Itsnt it better to show our children live things, than pictures or stuffed things because we have wiped them out. We swim in the ocean, someone gets attacked by a shark, instantly its the sharks fault! We have to remember when ever we go to somewhere that is not our home turf we or in somethings back yard. Respect nature, admire from afar and not through the scope of a high powered rifle. Once its gone its gone.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Greetings to one and all. whilst flicking through meany sights i came to see a pattern emerging. First off just so you all know i am one of the meany, meany people out there who are looking to get on to the book shelves. at the moment there are two groups the Agency people and the selfies, the problem that most of us have is (lets face it) we know nothing because we have never been alowed to play in that pond. “Which way to go?” is the cry and it is a hard question, neither road is easy and self publishing is fast, easy but if you dont have the time to put into advertising then your going to fall in to bad times and lose faith. With the way of the agency, well thats a waiting game that still may never get you there, but the returns appear to be better in the long run. is there a simple answer, personal , no. At the end of the day it brakes down to what you want from your book. personnaly i want to go agency, the right choice? who knows but i feel it is right for me. So to all those in despare, follow your hearts , if you can wait , or you feel the time is right and an oppertunaty knocks, go for it, but remember one thing, you have made it this far and that is more than most people can say. Good luck.


I have to say that I respect all those agents out there and wouldn’t want to do their job in a million years, however when it comes to the rejection letter they have to realize that to see a email that is standard typed throughout doesn’t tell us anything. We send off say ten queries, each sends back a “sorry that’s not for us but there will be someone who will” speech. From this web learn nothing, what was wrong with it, what worked and what didn’t? I have a group of people at work who have read my work and not to be big headed but they ask me when the next one comes out, that is my motivation. I know people enjoy my work, so it is confusing when agents don’t. Now if the problem was the query why not say! 4-8 weeks is a long time to see the same email and for some that is a long time to ponder “why should I continue? “.




I love getting post.  I love getting signed contracts, proof copies, invitations to parties… and I love receiving unsolicited submissions, because there is always the possibility that one of them is going to change the course of my career (and the author’s, obviously!)

I don’t think I’m alone amongst Literary Agents when I say that the working day starts the moment I wake up and check my phone for overnight emails from abroad, or early risers, or night owls – and there are always several.  I’m certainly not alone when I say that the working day ends when I turn off my bedside light.  

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I absolutely love my job, but there is never enough time.  I would love to be able to hold down a full time job, and read four or more novels a night, but sadly that is not possible.  I have a…

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The hard road.

As the song tells us “The road is long,with many a winding turn,” which can be true. As we follow our dreams down that yellow brick road we can stumble or find a short cut which isn’t always the best choice. But if we stick to it and believe in what we want, eventually the road becomes easier and we find or prize. However these are just words, but words are a writers instrument to help others along that brick road. On a struggle like your dream find comfort in others who are willing to help, sometimes the journey needs companions to ease the way. Believe in yourself and in what you want. Have a good journey.

Writers block…what is it.

As the writer sits down in their favorite writing chair and prepares for that spark, but nothing comes, the well is empty. Why, what is it that controls that spark of imagination? The answer is simple yet complicated, some would say its the brain saying you’ve had enough for today and in a way it’s right. Imagination is fed by THINGS. Like I said simple yet complicated. A writer needs in put from something, human interaction or just sitting and watching. The brain had been classified as a organic computer and their right, it needs data to work on.So the next time you sit at your computer and your brain says NO. Go out, have a coffee, study people, after all that’s what we write about.

James Garner, Loss of another great.

Everyone young and old knows the name of James Garner, for some of us he was best known as Jim Rockford and others the grandfarther in “Dating my teenage daughter. However he has joined f the many who have gone to that Red Carpet in the sky. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and a simple Thank you Jim for all the pleasure you have given to us.